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The answer to the ultimate question of
Life, the Universe, and Everything is 42.

For growth marketing, the answer is 42DM.

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Highlight your biggest selling points, turn data
into strategies and opportunities for scaling,
generate more leads, and bolster your presence
in the market with the help of our skilled growth
marketing team.

We combine technology-inspired
solutions and consulting excellence
to help you make an impact across
the globe and beyond!

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We are the dedicated marketing
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Choose your booster
for faster growth

Influencers marketing
Paid advertising


Identify KPIs to track, and design & implement scalable marketing data architecture. Arm your team with dashboards uncovering valuable insights.


Turn your leads into customers faster with professional marketing automation tools. Our growth marketing agency will align your marketing efforts with the targets of your sales team.


Resonate with the needs of your target audiences at each buying stage through beautifully crafted SEO-optimized content.


Product, brand, or web design. We craft unique visual codes for user experience, not just for appearance’s sake.

Influencers marketing

Sometimes, direct ads do not work. Find the relevant influencers in your niche and align your brand with a respected partner.

Paid advertising

Test your marketing hypotheses and reach new audiences using the power of display ads, paid search, and paid social – with the best price efficiency ratio.


Boost your media presence to grow trust with prospective buyers and keep your product front-of-mind. In our capable hands, we’ll get you there.


Reach TOP 10 for high competitive keywords at organic and optimize conversion rate with our growth hacking agency.


Build a community of loyal customers and brand ambassadors using advanced social media approaches, tools, and practices — all with your personal dedicated team.


Find your perfect spot in the Universe. Drive growth with a superbly executed and comprehensive tailored plan.

Every giant leap for business
starts with a small step.

It’s time to start!

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The DNA of our space

Strategic Thinking

Insights, data, clear goals, and a 360 vision. We connect all these vital elements to bring marketing victory to all phases of your operations.


Results are our greatest motivator. Each decision and data-driven move we take is aimed at one thing: our client’s business growth.


We are a team of talented individuals from different backgrounds united by a love of technology. We understand complex tech concepts, yet speak it in a marketable human language.

Full ownership

We are deeply rooted in the culture and business goals of each client as if we were their full-time employees. The cooperation between our teams helps us create things that your customers will love.


In ISTAS we trust

After managing 250+ successful projects, we have accumulated our experience in a
tailored 5-step growth marketing approach. This proven framework helps our
clients to scale their businesses and reach the most challenging goals.


Market research and growth marketing
strategy development


Technical setup, initial content creation,
team allocation


Launching test campaigns,
hypothesis validation


Results analysis, strategy adjustments,
key directions for scaling


Growth marketing team extension, budget
adjustment, resource/effort reallocation

Success Stories

Successfully completed missions

Helping a SaaS company grow organic traffic by 1000% in 1 year
How to attract 300+ leads in 2 months to a niche fintech company
Generating yearly 300% total traffic growth for niche enterprise company
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Run your marketing
campaigns on full blast
with 42DM

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