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Best Examples of Thought Leadership in B2B 

Learn from example of real people in B2B who already utilize thought leadership to grow, get inspired and start as well!

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Best Examples of Thought Leadership in B2B

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March 20, 2024

Though leadership is a game-changer for B2B tech companies. It helps you build authority, position yourself or your brand as the industry leader, and attract new customers in a native, friendly, and trustworthy manner. Building thought leadership is about going beyond rare Linkedin posts and leveraging many channels out there – the opportunities extend across many social media platforms and formats. Let’s explore some of the success stories of thought leaders in B2B and discover what works for them.

B2B thought leadership is a strategy where businesses and their key personnel position themselves as industry experts and authoritative voices in their field. It involves sharing valuable insights, ideas, and knowledge with their target audience — whether it’s potential clients, peers, or the wider industry.

Key Benefits of Establishing Thought Leadership in B2B Markets

  • Enhanced Market Visibility: Effective thought leadership strategies position businesses at the forefront of their industry, increasing their visibility among potential clients and partners.
  • Increased Trust and Credibility: By consistently providing valuable insights and demonstrating industry expertise, companies can cultivate a reputation as trustworthy and credible sources of information.
  • Differentiation from Competitors: Thought leadership enables businesses to showcase their unique perspectives and solutions, setting them apart from competitors and highlighting their unique value proposition.
  • Improved Customer Engagement: Thought-provoking content encourages engagement from potential and existing customers, fostering a deeper connection with the brand.
  • Support for Sales and Marketing Efforts: High-quality thought leadership content can be a powerful asset in sales and marketing campaigns, providing material that resonates with target audiences and drives conversions.
  • Attraction of Talent: Being recognized as an industry leader not only attracts customers but also talent. Professionals are drawn to companies that are viewed as innovators and thought leaders.

TikTok is an unconventional platform for building thought leadership in the traditional B2B sphere. This is precisely why TikTok represents an untapped opportunity for B2B thought leaders, offering a unique way to connect with the Gen Z decision-making audience. Here are some B2B company founders who are redefining thought leadership for the digital age. These innovators are not just sharing insights; they are creating communities around their brands and showcasing their expertise in fields as varied as digital transformation and tech-infused real estate

Eric Kimberling – Navigating Digital Transformation

Eric Kimberling, the mind behind a consultancy specializing in ERP and digital transformation, has carved a niche for himself on TikTok with the handle @erickimberling0. Eric’s content stands out as he distills complex digital transformation concepts into engaging, bite-sized videos. His approach demystifies the daunting process of selecting and implementing ERP systems for businesses of all sizes. His TikTok presence exemplifies how thought leadership can transcend traditional platforms, reaching a wider audience in a format that encourages interaction and learning.

Best examples of thought leadership in B2B: TikTok

Scott Hadley – Demystifying Supply Chain Secrets

Scott Hadley, the brains behind @supplychainsecrets, leverages TikTok to share valuable insights into supply chain management and optimization. His videos offer a mix of tips, industry trends, and personal anecdotes that shed light on the complexities of supply chain operations. Scott’s practical advice and accessible content help B2B companies understand how to streamline their supply chain processes, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. Through his engaging TikTok presence, Scott establishes himself as a go-to expert in the field, illustrating the power of thought leadership in connecting with an audience that values real-world applicability and expertise.

Best examples of thought leadership in B2B: TikTok

Podcasts are a prime avenue for B2B thought leaders to share in-depth insights and foster meaningful conversations within their industries. Here, we spotlight two B2B tech company founders who effectively use podcasts to underscore their expertise and engage their audience.

Christopher Luft: Cybersecurity Insights with Lima Charlie

Christopher Luft’s podcast focuses on the critical world of cybersecurity. Through Lima Charlie, he navigates complex security challenges, trends, and solutions alongside fellow experts. His deep dives into cybersecurity not only educate listeners but also reinforce Lima Charlie’s authority in the tech space.

Cybersecurity Insights with Lima Charlie

James Somauroo: HealthTech Evolution with SOMX Health

James Somauroo’s SOMX Health podcast explores the intersection of technology and healthcare. By discussing digital health innovations and the future of patient care with industry innovators, James sheds light on how tech is transforming healthcare, positioning himself and SOMX Health at the forefront of health tech thought leadership.

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Best examples of thought leadership in B2B podcasts

YouTube offers B2B founders a dynamic platform to share their expertise and insights through video content, from in-depth tutorials to engaging shorts. Here, we spotlight founders who have harnessed YouTube to elevate their thought leadership and connect with a wider audience.

Ephraim Ausch: Simplifying Complex Financial Concepts

Ephraim Ausch, with a deep background in finance, uses his YouTube channel to break down complex financial topics into understandable, bite-sized videos. Ephraim’s approachable content demystifies finance for businesses, offering clear, actionable advice. His expertise not only educates but also builds trust with his audience, positioning him as a reliable resource in the financial sector.

Best examples of thought leadership in B2B Youtube

Ocey Phillips: Blending Technology and Real Estate

Ocey Phillips’s YouTube channel serves as a bridge between consumer behaviour and new gen technologies. Through his videos, Ocey shares insights on leveraging technology to enhance user experiences in various industries. His content, ranging from tutorials to market analysis, underscores the value of tech in digital transformation, marking him as a thought leader eager to push the boundaries of traditional digital practices.

Best examples of thought leadership in B2B Youtube

We hope that the examples provided will inspire you to take small yet consistent steps in building your thought leadership to leverage the full potential of this enterprise marketing technique for the success of your business. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Diversify Thought Leadership Channels & Repurpose Content

Do not focus on just one platform. Try to find a couple that work best in your niche and test them out. Also, think about the types of content and platforms you will be comfortable committing to. For example, while focusing solely on TikTok might not be your most desired strategy, you can record or be a guest on a podcast and then cut that video into many shorts that can be distributed across different platforms.

Each platform offers unique advantages and formats for delivering your content, from short-form videos that capture attention on TikTok to in-depth discussions on podcasts. By diversifying your channels, you not only increase your visibility but also demonstrate your adaptability and innovation in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

  • Keep Exploring

For smaller B2B businesses, venturing into these varied platforms can seem daunting. However, it’s precisely these businesses that stand to gain the most from establishing themselves as thought leaders in their niche. Smaller entities often possess the agility to experiment with different content formats and rapidly respond to feedback, allowing them to refine their thought leadership strategies more effectively. Moreover, these platforms provide an opportunity to highlight their unique perspectives and solutions, resonating with a target audience that seeks fresh, authentic voices over the din of larger, more established competitors.

  • Focus on Being Sincere

In the end, thought leadership is about human-to-human connection and building trust. If you focus on being sincere with your audience and sharing your story with its ups and downs, it will help people to trust you. In the end, the goal of thought leadership is not just to be seen as an expert but to genuinely contribute to the advancement of your industry.

  • Find a Reliable Marketing Partner to Build Thought Leadership for You

Sometimes you need to outsource the research and strategy creation to someone with expertise, to ensure you are building your thought leadership on the channels your audience wants to see you, in the most efficient manner. Outsourcing this process to marketing agencies like 42DM can be a great way to start.

Let this be your call to action: Forge your path in the world of B2B thought leadership, and in doing so, drive your industry—and your business—forward.

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