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the year the sound
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Every major Galactic project of 42 DM tends to pass through three distinct and recognizable phases,
those of Discovery, Transformation and Delivery.


With Google Analytics, Hotjar heatmaps and Crystal ball we gather insights from your website.
We analyze your competitors, their traffic sources and customers acquisition techniques. We create dashboards to track most important KPIs for your online business.
And most importantly – we develop the growth strategy or as we call it “The Ultimate Guide To Success”.


We re-equip and modify your website for further exponential growth: we improve User Experience, create templates for landing pages and perform A/B testing to critically measure assumptions.
We perform SEO homework to make your website as friendly to search engine bots as possible.
We create content plan to navigate the universe of social media on behalf of your company, be engaging relevant and provocative.


We swiftly drive traffic to your website with SEO and pay-per-click campaigns.
We set up and maintain your newsletters and create landing pages to boost conversions.
We create and distribute content according to the plan: engaging texts, video and photo stories, creative illustration – virtually everything.
We plan and execute re-marketing campaigns to multiply touch points with your audience.
And we adjust on the go to maximize efficiency of your investments.

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Our clients say

Alex Zlotko,

Head of Sales of

“ Launching for the US market has always been our ambition. And in 42DM we found a reliable and knowledgeable marketing partner that made this project a success. The new business strategy they developed has already brought us 15 new contracts”

Kristian Haanes,

CEO Webinara

“ 42 Digital Marketing has become the marketing extension of our company. The team effectively handles communications with our new and existing customers via newsletters and social media. And we see our business growing.”

Srikandarajah Wickreman,

Vice President, Marketing & Commerce Viewster

“ With SEO and PPC campaigns managed by 42 Digital Marketing we were able to increase our daily audience 10 times within 6 months. This made us stand out of the line of competitive startups and sign content partnership with Warner Brothers!”


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