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Content marketing for Blockchain in 2024

Building a content strategy for blockchain

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March 20, 2022

Marketing for blockchain and crypto may seem as regular as for any other technology or product. But it’s wrong. When you open the news, google anything regarding cryptocurrencies, you see that people are interested in fraud, accusations and trial courts.

Small companies and startups are struggling now to get attention because media coverage is focused on frauds. On the other side, the media can’t get enough information on how to prevent frauds and how to recognize a malicious crypto project. Marketing for blockchain faces these 2 problems. Let’s discover how we’ve overcome them and build a successful marketing campaign for AI-powered blockchain analytics software.

Building a content strategy for blockchain

Our client is ORS Cryptohound – the very first AI-powered blockchain analytics software that serves as a one-stop-shop for complex cryptoanalysis. The biggest challenge that ORS СryptoHound faced was to gain attention from the crypto community and leading media.

We set the goal to show that the world of crypto and blockchain can be transparent. Any person or journalist can check whether the project is reliable or fraud. So, we decided to introduce ORS Cryptohound as a tool for investigations.

We started with the creation of a content marketing strategy with building an initial awareness. As a starting point, our content team developed a deep investigatory approach with a focus on the unique data that our product can provide. We analyzed different crypto projects to find out which of them were fraud or involved crypto jacking. Our initial insights were combined with expert content making it even more powerful.

How to content marketing increases awareness

For building the initial awareness and trust we’ve chosen the following content placement channels:


A popular blog platform which doesn’t require any updates on the website. Usually, it is a profile, where everyone can start a blog. It costs less, and you are likely to see first results pretty fast. We used Medium for Cryptohound. As for now, we continue to monitor trending topics, create useful articles, and run investigations on a regular basis. By reading Cryptohound’s blog, regular crypto-users and media representatives get lifehacks on how to conduct own investigation and how to reveal fraud.

Our newly created Medium account received 4,349 views in its first month. We continue to monitor trending topics, create useful articles, and run investigations on a regular basis. Every article on Medium gets on average 800-1,100 claps.

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Crowd marketing

This is another way of communication through forums, discussion platforms like Reddit, question/answer services like Yahoo Answers or Quora. Crowd marketing is essential for building a community: answer questions related to your field, provide expertise and at the same moment advertise them.


PR activity involves publications in various digital and printed media to raise awareness through certain groups of people. Our content, which combined interesting topics related to ORS CryptoHound’s analytical capabilities, was featured in some of the biggest blockchain and crypto media outlets, including, &

Our biggest investigation campaign spread to 35+ media outlets with audiences of more than 50,000 each. The total estimated views by now are over 923,000.

We continue to monitor trending topics, create useful articles, and run investigations on a regular basis. As a result, Hackernoon, Cryptocurrency Hub, Altcoin Magazine and other leading sites distribute our work. We wanted to turn the world of crypto from something negative to positive and transparent. Now we can truly say we have achieved that.

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