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How to build ABM program without an ABM platform: Hubspot edition

Learn how to build Account-Based Marketing on Hubspot with our custom, cost-efficient approach

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September 5, 2023

Account-based marketing (ABM) is our favored approach for aligning sales and marketing while targeting highly prioritized leads on scale. It has revolutionized the way businesses engage with their target accounts, offering a personalized and strategic approach to driving growth.

Implementing ABM calls for advanced software, which itself comes with a set of challenges, like high cost and high risk. Let’s uncover what’s wrong with current ABM platforms and how you can overcome these challenges by simply using Hubspot for ABM.

Current ABM software: overview

As ABM gained prominence, it brought along a set of challenges, like scaling research of accounts based on ICP, understanding their immediate buying intent, and showcasing your brand to them.

In response to these challenges, ABM software like Demandbase and 6sence emerged, providing marketers with advanced tools for efficient account research, real-time intent monitoring, and targeted brand engagement, transforming ABM from a manual effort into a data-driven and scalable strategy.

While these ABM software are great solutions, they come with a very long-term commitment. Imagine investing in a high-performance sports car without even having a driver’s license – a risky proposition, to say the least. 

Similarly, diving into the world of ABM requires not just financial commitment but also a deep understanding of whether ABM aligns with your organization’s goals. It’s a commitment that spans 2+ years, the term of the shortest ABM platform contract. So, being sure is a must – but how do you become sure without testing the strategy for your business first?

While implementing ABM for our clients, we at 42DM discovered a need to find a solution in the native ecosystem to our clients, that they already use day-by-day. This would solve problems with testing the approach, and allow the team to deeply focus on successful adoption of ABM, not on understanding the specifics of usage of complex and expensive tools. 

That is how the 42DM ABM solution on Hubspot emerged.

What’s wrong with current ABM software? 

In addition to high risk in commitment and high price, here are other challenges of using ABM platforms that we discovered: 

  • Lack of contact-based reporting 

We constantly hear sales facing the frustration of knowing that a large enterprise like Microsoft visited their website, only to realize they have no clear point of contact within the organization. 

They need names, titles, roles and specific interests within these significant accounts. Can they provide it in proper manner for your specific situation? Unfortunately… 

  • No visibility on all funnel stages

ABM isn’t just about engagement; it’s about understanding how that engagement impacts the progression of an account through the sales funnel. Achieving this level of visibility can be challenging in third-party platforms. 

  • Limited customized prioritization on account & contact level 

Let’s be honest: the scoring system of most ABM software is a black box. On top of that, it’s account score only. As a result, sales reps are overwhelmed with numerous accounts in their standalone CRM that are scored higher for some reason.
What if your sales process is built around lead score? What if the software does not consider important signals for your industry? What if…? 

  • Low flexibility amidst economic uncertainty

In today’s unpredictable economic climate, committing to a two-year plan can be daunting. Many organizations hesitate to invest heavily in ABM, fearing the challenges of gaining stakeholder approval. 

To address this concerns, we’ve developed a solution that brings the power of ABM to HubSpot with minimal commitment, ensuring efficiency & flexibility in uncertain times.

ABM on Hubspot CRM: How & Why?

As we’ve explained above, the B2B tech market needs a revised approach to ABM, that would be flexible, deep and cost-efficient. To solve this challenge, we at 42DM have developed and tried out the ABM strategy built on Hubspot with the help of specific integrations. 

So, we are now building a single universal platform that works for your needs and capitalize on your efforts with different added combinations, based on Hubspot.

Our strategy revolves around consolidating all this data into a single platform, effectively amplifying the performance of various tools beyond the sum of their individual capabilities.

On the software side, you’ll need the following components:

Though this is the list of strongly recommended tools (because of the well tested the best value for money ratio) it is not set in stone as the whole system is highly adaptable and scalable. 

On the implementation side, let’s look at the core features of our ABM approach and what software to use for each of them: 

11 ABM features & software for each 

1. Lead Scoring

Feature: Lead scoring allows you to measure engagement and spot potential buying committees faster than they realize it. It’s like having a radar that identifies your most promising leads.

Software: HubSpot

2. Account Scoring

Feature: Account scoring simplifies the process of identifying engaged accounts that are ready to dive into your sales funnel. It’s your secret weapon for effective pipeline management.

Software: HubSpot

3. First-Party Intent Data

Feature: First-party intent data empowers you to always know what topics will engage your potential clients, equipping your sales reps with valuable insights.

Software: HubSpot

4. Third-Party Intent Data

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Feature: Third-party intent data from Bombora enables you to uncover buying signals at the keyword or topic level beyond your own dataset. It’s like having a radar that scans the entire market for relevant signals.

Software: Bombora

5. Account Identification

Feature: Account identification tools like Leadfeeder and Leadforensics accurately match anonymous and known buyer behavior to accounts. Think of it as detective work for your leads.

Software: Leadfeeder / Leadforensics

6. Account-Level Advertising

Feature: Account-level advertising through Influ2 allows you to reach your target accounts through various channels, increasing awareness and engagement across the board.

Software: Influ2

7. Contact-Level Advertising

Feature: Influ2’s contact-level advertising ensures you can precisely reach decision-makers within your target accounts and track their real-time engagement. It’s like having a direct line to key stakeholders.

Software: Influ2

8. First-Party Website Personalization

Feature: First-party website personalization, powered by HubSpot, allows you to customize the visitor experience based on their preferences, creating a tailored journey that increases engagement.

Software: HubSpot

9. Lead Nurturing

Feature: With lead nurturing, you can streamline your efforts and nurture leads effectively through a single platform, increasing opportunities and speeding up your sales funnel.

Software: HubSpot

10. Account/Contact Analytics

Feature: HubSpot’s analytics tools provide in-depth insights into your ABM performance, both at the account and individual decision-maker levels. It’s like having a map to guide you through your ABM journey.

Software: HubSpot

11. Sales & Marketing Alignment

Feature: HubSpot’s SMarketing system fosters seamless collaboration between your sales and marketing teams, ensuring your sales department can leverage your marketing efforts effectively.

Software: HubSpot

Benefits of ABM on HubSpot for Your B2B Tech Business:

  • Price. Save up to 50% compared to traditional high-end ABM software platforms.
  • Single Ecosystem. Run and track all your sales and marketing efforts within a unified platform, including ABM, advertising, lead nurturing, webinars, and more.
  • Modular Design. Avoid dependency on a single solution provider. Discard or replace modules that no longer meet your needs.
  • Less Commitment. Traditional ABM implementation often demands substantial resources and long-term commitments. With our approach, you can avoid these common pitfalls and enjoy greater flexibility.

Price comparison: ABM Platform options 

If the challenge of ricky implementation of ABM  can be solved with Hubspot, can this solution be cost effective too?

Well, see for yourself – here is a breakdown of 42DM Hubspot solution VS 6Sence and DemandBase.

 of the 42DM Hubspot solution VS 6Sence and DemandBase. 

Working with 42DM: Your ABM Journey Begins

Unlocking the full potential of ABM on HubSpot and reaping its transformative benefits demands a seasoned partner who comprehends the intricacies of this strategy. At 42DM, we specialize in crafting tailored ABM solutions that deliver tangible results. Our expertise enables us to seamlessly integrate essential tools, leverage data insights, and optimize your ABM campaigns.

Here’s what you can expect when you partner with us: Expertise, tailored solutions, seamless integration, data-driven insights, and ongoing support. Your journey to ABM success starts with 42DM. We’re here to lead you through the complexities of the process and assist you in achieving remarkable results. Connect with us today to unlock the full potential of ABM on HubSpot.

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