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Guide to content-marketing funnel

A short guide to the content-marketing funnel

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March 10, 2022

Traffic engagement, branding, the building of loyalty, and the source of quality leads. You may find it hard to get these results because you don’t pay enough attention to content management. Content management can influence when you use content marketing funnel.

The content marketing funnel is a process when the client is aware of your product and then becomes your satisfied customer who can recommend your business to someone else.

Content-marketing funnel makes us think about the buyer’s behavior. We don’t straightly choose the solution: we think about the problem, how to solve, then we choose options to solve it, and finally, we purchase.

Content-marketing case studies

Let’s look at how it worked out with our 2 clients. is an online English school for kids where teachers are qualified native English speakers. Their problems were lack of big budgets and competitive environment.


Incomlend is an online multi-currency invoice exchange platform that connects businesses and private funders. They had to build awareness that they exist, explain their product and make it trustworthy.

It was the Asian market (Hong Kong, Singapore) where the liquidity of money was enormously low. You can get 1-2% percent from the bank yearly. There is a lot of free money, a lot of wealthy people, who are looking for alternative investment opportunities. When people have invested in invoice trading (buying invoices for people who have 30-60 days of delay in payment), they could get 2% from each monthly.

Stages of the content marketing funnel

Stage 1


At the first stage of the funnel, you introduce yourself to potential clients and the market. had no website and had quite a competitive niche. Firstly, we Focused on relevant channels, where parents usually spend a lot of time – Facebook and Instagram. It was unnecessary to focus on blog and SEO because the tons of such content already exists.

For Incomlend we simplified the complex financial information for regular online retailers because we wanted to be simple in the complicated financial world.

Stage 2


The customer knows what to solve and starts searching for opportunities to solve it. At this stage, you have to create an information background and make people interested in your company. Over time you will get trust from people.

With we started thinking out of the box and launched social commerce, which no one has ever done for such a field. We created brand characters to persuade parents to believe that we know how to use communication skills.

We contacted influencers and bloggers, asked them to try out our to try it with their children.
Social media were focused on showing how we work, we used an approach to show how useful and it easy it can be.

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For Incomlend we developed specific landing pages for each service and used lead ads to minimize the conversion path.

It was a new startup, so we had to position as a team of reliable professionals, who can provide a legal investment opportunity.

Stage 3


The customer chooses a suitable opportunity. The top of the funnel is inbound marketing: useful and interesting content. You have to become necessary and beneficial. Do not push on potential customers, you need to understand what the audience wants to know.

Eventually, we’ve built a campaign for in social media around our branding that we really know how to work with kids, how to make them be patient and attentive while having English lessons.

After we contacted the influencers, we got testimonials because they really enjoyed it. We kept on using remarketing, PPC to convert potential customers into leads.

With Incomlend, at this stage, Google search worked the best, because people googled their problem and found the alternative investment platform. CRM & marketing automation helped us to convert leads into sales.

Each stage involves working with educational content, ads, native ads, case-studies, and testimonials. Designing the content-marketing campaign focuses on what people are looking for, solving their problems and thinking out of the box. The content marketing funnel is a necessary framework to work different audiences and a great way to understand your customer.

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